Home Financing

We can help you get into a home you love even if you have poor credit and little or no money for a down payment. We have the resources to walk you through the financing process and improve your credit score so you can stop paying rent and start building equity in a home you love.

When it comes to financing a new home, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t be discouraged because you feel like you don’t have the resources to navigate through the home financing process. At Thomas Dostal Developers, we pride ourselves on being your resource for home financing. It’s very likely you can afford the home of your dreams, and we can help.

For some, the home financing discussion begins and ends with credit score. People sometimes believe if their credit score is too low that they’ll never be able to overcome that obstacle, but you can and we’ll show you how.

Let’s talk about why your credit score is too low. When I speak with people with a poor credit history, it usually comes down to a few things:

  • Not enough credit
  • A string of late payments
  • One big credit mistake, such as bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • A poor debt to equity ratio
  • Improper use of credit cards
  • Medical Bills

We have worked with countless people who were overwhelmed with the home financing process. We worked with each of those people for several weeks or months to help them improve their credit so they could begin building a home they love. We can help you, too.

If you truly want to stop paying rent and build equity in a home you love but believe you can’t because your credit score is too low, I encourage you to call us now at 319-431-3881.